How to apply visual styles on Windows 7 part 1

In this tutorial, I will show you how to apply custom visual styles on windows 7. Before we begin, I would like to clear things up. Visual styles are different from windows themes.


Visual Styles

Changing the visual style means changing the overall appearance of your windows operating system.  This includes the:

    • Windows Explorer – this compose of the minimize, maximize, and close buttons that you see on the upper right hand side of every window. This may also include the start  orb, which is the upgraded version of the start button in windows xp and previous windows operating systems. The taskbar and title bar. The system icons And everything else that you see in the windows operating system which determines the overall look of the system. As you can see in the screenshot below, it is different from the default look of the windows explorer.




Themes are just a small portion of the overall look of the system. Only the window border, wallpaper, screensaver, window color, desktop-gadgets are being modified if you customize the themes.



That’s it for the first part of this tutorial. Check out part 2 for the ways on how to apply custom themes and visual styles on windows 7.