Extensions that I use in my browser

In this article, I’ll be showing around the extensions that I use on my google chrome browser. And the things that I usually do with them.


Web Technology Notifier


As the name of the extension implies. People use this to determine what kind of web technology is used in a website that your eyeballs is currently looking at. It’s a nice visual tool for those of you who want to learn what’s the underlying technology that is being used in the website you’re visiting. The main concern of this extension is for server-side web technology like php, ruby on rails, python, asp.net, jsp and other scripting language used for the web


Chrome Sniffer


Its basically like the web technology notifier. But its main concern is client-side or the javascript frameworks like mootools, jquery and dojo. It also shows the content management system that is being used by the site. Some examples are  Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.


Session Manager


Used for saving your current chrome session. The tabs that are currently opened are included in the items that its going to backup. Its basically taking a snapshot of your current browser session so that you can use it at a later time.




Historio.us is a bookmarking service. So you need to create an account at the historiou.us site before you can make full use of this extension.


Web Of Trust


Use it to determine if a site is safe or not. It also adds some icons beside the links that are produced when you do a search on a search engine. And I think all major search engines like yahoo, google, bing, and ask are supported.


I Reader


Use this to decrapify the websites that you are viewing. It temporary removes all the clutter in the webpage (ads, and other distractions) when you click on its icon at the right side of the web address.




That’s the list of the extensions that I always install whenever I install Google Chrome. You can adapt it if you want. And you can also share yours in the comments. Thanks for readingSmile