Things admins should do

Here’s a collection of things I wish every admins should do. In order to prevent the abuse of resources in the computer. Resources like programs and files.

This is just a collection of links and tips. Containing things that I hope admins should do.


Uninstall all browsersI believe that browsers is the only gateway to exploring websites. One can learn a lot from different websites, but it can also make a person unproductive. Uninstalling all browsers could limit what a user could do to the computer.


Prevent installation of programsI went a bit overboard on the first one. If you just need to prevent users from using certain programs installed on the computer. Then this tip will help a lot.


Use group policy editor– This one is the ultimate tweaking tool for all admins. You can control or limit what different users could do with the computer. I’m particularly referring to the administrative templates.


Block websites using host file– If there is a need to have a browser installed on the computer. Then they can always use a host file to block websites from being accessed. (Facebook I’m looking at you).


Prevent downloads– Preventing downloads is another thing. Downloading consumes a considerable amount of bandwidth. Especially if the sites the user is downloading from doesn’t cap the maximum download speed allowed for each user accessing the site.


Open DNS– Open DNS can be used to prevent access to websites. Access prevention can be based on categories like social networking, blogs, etc. Which means you can block multiple sites at once by selecting categories.

How to maximize laptop battery lifespan

In this article I’m going to share to you some links which contains some tips on how to maximize your laptops battery lifespan

There you go. But if you would ask me what do I do to increase battery lifespan. My answer would be to full charge the battery and remove it from the laptop. Since on the time of writing of this article, I’m just at home blogging and reading articles from sixrevisions. And I’m just on one part of the house so I do not really need battery to use the laptop. That way I’m decreasing the cycle of recharge and discharge. And so the battery will last longer. I also use granola, intelligent power management software for Linux and Windows. I basically use it to cut-off the power consumption of the processor. This is what the interface looks like:


I always have it on lowest speed if I’m just doing some blogs and reading. But when I convert some videos from one format to another. Or doing some programs in visual studio. Or editing some photos in photoshop, then I have it on either ‘Miserware’ or ‘Highest Power’. I’m not really sure if its really effective, but still its worth a try.